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"PASS is a model for total school reform."

The PASS Perspective

Promoting Achievement in School through Sport (PASS) is a middle and high school educational reform program that approaches sport as an interdisciplinary academic field of study.

PASS has been hailed as "a model for total school reform . . .that addresses the needs of the whole learner" by researchers at the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL), one of 10 research centers administered by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

PASS is based upon fundamental principles that inform all aspects of the curriculum. These principles include:

  • Sport is not an extracurricular activity. Sport is an academic discipline.
  • For grades to go up for sports-oriented students, there must be an increased—not a decreased—emphasis on the appropriate study and practice of sport.
  • The positive aspects of sport culture and the fundamentals that lead to success in sport can be brought into the classroom to create an environment that is as attractive, spirited, and fulfilling as that which takes place on the fields and courts.

With this perspective and in this environment, PASS improves students’ grades, behavior, and self-esteem. However, these positive results are not the essence of PASS. Rather, they are the manifestation of something else. At its core, PASS is a journey of self-discovery through the study and practice of sport.

Welcome to the journey. Welcome to PASS.

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